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Weed Control: Stay A Step Ahead

By Carroll Smith   We don’t have a lot of options in cotton and soybeans for managing glyphosate-resistant weeds, but we do have several good pre-emerge and post-emerge herbicide options in corn,” says Bill Williams, LSU AgCenter state weed specialist. Williams adds that he doesn’t know of any weeds in corn in Louisiana that can’t be controlled in the absence ... Read More »

Industry News

Carryover Adjustments The March 11, 2009, USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report projects increasing U.S. wheat carryover and somewhat lower ending stocks expected for corn and soybeans. World grain supplies continue to increase. Expected corn use for ethanol production was increased 100 million bushels to 3.7 billion bushels as blender margins have improved recently. However, the 2008-09 ... Read More »

Production: Minimize Mycotoxins

Attention to details can help reduce the incidence  of aflatoxin and fumonisins By Stephen R. Koenning, Bruce A. Fortnum and Pawel Wiatrak   Toxic metabolic by-products of fungi, known as mycotoxins, have received considerable attention during the past several years. Aflatoxin, produced by the fungus Aspergillus flavus, has been considered to be the most serious problem in North and South ... Read More »

Production: Water Works

Irrigation timing and frequency impact yields and operating costs. By Kerry Harrison and Dewey Lee Irrigation requires a relatively high investment in equipment, fuel, maintenance and labor, but offers a significant potential for increasing net farm income. Frequency and timing of water application have a major impact on yields and operating costs. To schedule irrigation for the most efficient use ... Read More »

Production: Knock Out Nematode

University of Georgia nematicide trial shows promise for corn growers. Results from a recent corn trial in Georgia comparing three nematicide fumigants and a nematicide seed treatment could have a significant impact on the corn production landscape in 2009. Telone II soil fumigant from Dow AgroSciences demonstrated superiority in controlling nematodes in a heavily infested field. Corn treated with Telone yielded ... Read More »

Production: Manage Fertility

Correct application of nutrients is essential for healthy, high-yielding corn. By Pawel Wiatrak and Jim Camberato EDITOR’S NOTE: Following are highlights from the Soil Sampling Management and Fertility Management section of the South Carolina Corn Production Guide. To view the entire text and additional tables showing recommended rates of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus for corn grain and corn silage based ... Read More »

Water Management: No Drain, No Gain

Maximize corn production with good surface and internal drainage. By Phil Tacker, Earl Vories and Gary Huitink Adequate drainage is necessary for maximum corn production. Poor drainage hampers field operations from field preparation through harvest and limits the effectiveness of irrigation. Eliminating poorly drained areas preserves natural soil productivity by reducing field rutting that requires additional tillage. Poorly drained areas ... Read More »

Industry News

  MANA’s New Hires MANA announces the addition of Duane A. Martin, Ph.D., as the company’s new business and product development manager and Tim Ford as an area business manager on its sales team across Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Martin comes to MANA with nearly 20 years of experience in the crop protection industry. He most recently worked as the ... Read More »

Decisive Marketing

Missouri analyst discusses current market and potential strategies for stored grain. By Melvin Brees Store and hope? The corn and soybean price collapse since the summer highs has discouraged making sales. As a result, a large portion of this year’s corn and soybean production is now in storage or under deferred pricing contracts. But are these decisions to store grain ... Read More »

Tax Planning: Farmer Tax Breaks

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act-2008 benefits farmers as well as the “Street.” By David P. Webb and D. Nathan Smith Editor’s note: “Fertile Ground For Tax Savings,” which outlines recent tax legislation that creates opportunities for farmers and others in agribusiness, was published in the October/November 2008 issue of Corn South. Following are updates: On Oct. 3, 2008, President Bush ... Read More »