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December 2008

Industry News

  MANA’s New Hires MANA announces the addition of Duane A. Martin, Ph.D., as the company’s new business and product development manager and Tim Ford as an area business manager on its sales team across Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Martin comes to MANA with nearly 20 years of experience in the crop protection industry. He most recently worked as the ... Read More »

Decisive Marketing

Missouri analyst discusses current market and potential strategies for stored grain. By Melvin Brees Store and hope? The corn and soybean price collapse since the summer highs has discouraged making sales. As a result, a large portion of this year’s corn and soybean production is now in storage or under deferred pricing contracts. But are these decisions to store grain ... Read More »

Tax Planning: Farmer Tax Breaks

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act-2008 benefits farmers as well as the “Street.” By David P. Webb and D. Nathan Smith Editor’s note: “Fertile Ground For Tax Savings,” which outlines recent tax legislation that creates opportunities for farmers and others in agribusiness, was published in the October/November 2008 issue of Corn South. Following are updates: On Oct. 3, 2008, President Bush ... Read More »

Special Report: CA Corn Craze

– Special Report – Like the trend in Southern states, California corn acres jump dramatically. By Brenda Carol It may be the land of “fruits and nuts,” but driving through California’s countryside these days is almost reminiscent of a leisurely stroll down a dirt road in the Southern states. The corn is as thick as an elephant’s hide. High prices for ... Read More »

Production: Consider Litter

Chicken litter in fertility programs increases with high fertilizer prices. By Leo Espinoza The high price of fertilizers has resulted in an increase in the use of chicken litter as part of a farmer’s fertility program. Extension publication “The Use of Chicken Litter in Row Crops” can be found at the following link: www.uaex.edu/Other_Areas/publications/PDF/FSA-2147.pdf. Perhaps the most important recommendation is ... Read More »

Editor’s Note

Marketing Conundrum By Carroll Smith Editor A conundrum is defined in a couple of different ways. For example, it can be a riddle solved by a pun, such as: When is a door not a door? When it is ajar. Or, a conundrum can be an intricate and difficult problem. In today’s grain marketing arena, the definition of a conundrum ... Read More »

Storage/Marketing: Expanding Infrastructure

In Tifton, Ga., four local farmers open Southland Grain, LLC By Carroll Smith Two years ago when prices jumped and farmers across the South developed “corn fever,” the elevator infrastructure in most areas struggled to handle the huge crop. And, it wasn’t just corn. Additional acres were being planted to soybeans, milo and wheat, too. The question on top of ... Read More »