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In Missouri, Stick With Corn Through May

corn planting

The wet and cold start to this year’s corn planting season bodes poorly for yields, based on research from the University of Missouri Extension. But MU Extension agronomist Bill Wiebold says farmers should not switch from corn to other crops or early maturing corn varieties because of rain-delayed planting. There is still time to get corn in the ground and ... Read More »

After Delays, Mississippi Corn Growers Plunge Into Planting

tony dantzler erick larson

Corn producers rushed to finish planting — or replanting — as much as sunny weather has allowed so far in May. Erick Larson, grains specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, says spring rains complicated conditions, keeping planters out of fields during much of April and contributing to many more establishment issues than normal. “Corn planted in late March ... Read More »

As Late-Planting Period Closes, Arkansas Corn Growers Face Tough Decisions

flooded corn fields

To whatever degree any year in the past decade can be said to have been a “normal year” in Arkansas agriculture, one thing is certain: 2019 isn’t one of them. Heavy springtime rains are nothing new, and neither are depressed commodity prices or prevented planting. But the current confluence of flooding, trade disputes and other factors are forcing many Arkansas ... Read More »

Ragged Stand Better Than No Stand, Says MU Agronomist

flooded corn

In a year of uneven crop emergence, University of Missouri Extension agronomists say not to count out runts that emerge late. “A late-emerging corn plant is better than no corn plant,” says MU Extension agronomist Bill Wiebold. In a weekly teleconference of MU Extension agronomists on May 7, reports varied from “no corn in the ground at all” to 40 ... Read More »

Texas Corn Off To A Good Start

wet texas corn field

The majority of planted Texas corn acres have emerged amid good soil moisture profiles to start the growing season, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. Dr. Ronnie Schnell, AgriLife Extension agronomist, College Station, said the Texas corn crop started late in parts of the state, but growing conditions have planted fields off to a good start. “Plantings were ... Read More »

Planting Tips

Planning for 2018 As you study field notes from last season and prepare for corn planting in 2018, the following information on burndown, nematodes and root limiting soil conditions may also be beneficial in maximizing crop potential. Burndown Considerations When burning down fields near planting, herbicide selection and rate and spray coverage are very important to ensure complete control. If ... Read More »