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Use crop rotation to help manage problematic weeds

planting corn

Including corn in a crop rotation provides growers with a great opportunity to get a handle on problematic weeds, such as Palmer amaranth. Field Crop Agent, Anthony Growe, tells us how in this short video: Corn is a very competitive crop and when it’s planted on narrow row spacings, 30 inches or even down to 20 inches, canopy closure will ... Read More »

2021 Arkansas corn, rice planting progress still behind average

arkansas corn planting

• By Ryan McGeeney • Corn and rice growers were off to a strong start, planting 24% and 13% of total planned acreage, respectively. While the numbers were still well behind the five-year average for those crops at this point in the season, they still made for a marked improvement over 2020, nearly doubling year-to-year progress for mid-April. The progress ... Read More »

Pause planting with forecasted freezing temps

seedling corn

• By Angela McClure • We keep sliding back into a “below normal” temperature pattern for April. Near-freezing temperatures with rain in this week’s forecast has created some concern about viability of corn and soybeans planted this week. Based on current weather reports, nighttime temperatures are forecasted to be close to freezing Tuesday and Wednesday night (April 20 and 21) ... Read More »

What are the optimal planting conditions for corn?

corn planting

• By Mitch Williams • In order to achieve optimum corn yields, we need to get the corn crop off to a good start. Dr. Ron Heiniger, North Carolina State Extension corn specialist, has done much research over the past few years showing the importance of uniform emergence. The video below explains that to attain uniform emergence, we need to ... Read More »

Corn, soybean markets climb after 2021 USDA planting intentions report

corn planting

• By Ryan McGeeney • As world markets slowly unfurl from the global knot of the COVID-19 pandemic, futures markets for both soybean and corn responded in a powerfully positive manner March 31 to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual Prospective Plantings Report. The report, conducted by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, reflects producers’ intended acreage for crops across ... Read More »

USDA: Planted corn acres to climb less than 1% in 2021

corn planting

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates the nation’s growers will plant 91.1 million acres of corn in 2021, less than 1% more than they did in 2020. Compared with last year, planted acreage is expected to be up or unchanged in 24 of the 48 estimating states. Record high acreage is expected in Idaho and Oregon. ... Read More »

With winter nearly behind them, Arkansas growers begin early planting

arkansas corn planting

• By Ryan McGeeney • Early planting appears to be making a return to Arkansas in 2021. With the start of the recommended planting window for corn and soybeans less than two weeks away, anecdotal reports from growers and Cooperative Extension Service agents indicate producers are eager to take advantage of clear weather as it occurs. Jason Kelley, Extension wheat ... Read More »

Freeze injury, low-temperature stress and chill injury in corn and sorghum

texas corn planting

• By Ronnie Schnell • Recent cold weather has affected newly planted, emerging or emerged corn or sorghum throughout south and central Texas. Corn and sorghum will experience similar types of injury although tolerance to low temperatures does differ between the crops to some degree. Sorghum generally requires warmer soil temperatures. Three types of injury may be observed, depending on ... Read More »

Precision Planting launches 2 seed placement technologies

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Precision Planting LLC has introduced two seed placement optimization technologies that provide growers with greater seed placement precision, improved crop emergence and stand uniformity, and increased yield potential —all from the comfort of their tractor cab. The new SmartDepth technology uses a proprietary calibration process to ensure  every row unit is planting at the same depth, removing row-to-row variability, according ... Read More »

Syngenta launches Cropwise Seed Selector for NK

Syngenta and NK Seeds have launched the Cropwise Seed Selector, which combines artificial intelligence, two decades of agronomic information a a simple user interface. The tool also is designed to ensure different systems developed in the market can connect to each other to provide growers with needed data, according to a news release. The seed tool also includes several new ... Read More »