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Don’t Fail to Plan

For 2015, work to protect yields and find ways to be strategic. How will 2014 shape the 2015 season, and why was there such a price drop for corn this year? The truth is that prices were unusually high from 2011 to 2013 for several reasons: increasing ethanol production, strong imports from China and a severe U.S. drought in 2012. ... Read More »

Corn Hybrids: Southern Lineup For 2015

AgVenture Midsouth Dulaney Seed RL6991HB (106 RM) Good standability throughout the season with superb roots Great drought tolerance combined with excellent heat tolerance Herculex I Insect Protection with impressive yield potential Great early option for South with two years of performance history R7844 (110 RM) Adapted to both high yield and high stress conditions Very good Greensnap resistance and good ... Read More »

Corn’s Water Needs

Accurately assessing soil moisture affects water management decisions By Dr. Erick Larson Last year, dry early season conditions prompted much conversation about the proper time to initiate irrigation for corn. This scenario usually generates a lot more anxiety than necessary because early season wilting is certainly not something we are very accustomed to. The simple answer is that irrigation should ... Read More »

3 Tips To Enhance Yields

Editor’s note: From the early planning stages through the end of the growing season, many factors influence the final yield numbers at harvest time. At right are three “kick-off” tips from the LSU AgCenter to help Louisiana producers realize their corn crop’s maximum yield potential. Companies offer multiple hybrids for sale to producers for good reasons. Each corn producer has ... Read More »

Start With The Seed

By Carroll Smith To give corn the ability to maximize yield, you have to think about the seed you’re going to plant before it ever goes into the ground. With this in mind, more farmers who are planting corn in the South are utilizing seed treatment packages to give each and every plant the best possible start in kicking off ... Read More »

Fertility Programs

An effective fertility program is key to achieving yield goals. By David Wright Liming increases bacterial activity that breaks down soil organic matter to make soil nitrogen and other nutrients more available to the crop. A good fertility program should be based on the soil fertility level as determined by soil tests and yield goal. Fertilization programs not based on ... Read More »

Corn Hybrids

Southern Lineup For 2013 This section reflects a partial listing of corn hybrids suited for the Southern growing region. For additional offerings, contact your local seed representative. AgVenture Midsouth Dulaney Seed RL8899YHB™ (115 RM) • Optimum® Intrasect® insect protection • High yield potential • Good GLS and NCLB disease resistance • Outstanding overall stress tolerance for heat and drought GL9241AB™ ... Read More »

9 Tips For High Yields

Consider these suggestions for best yield potential in Southern growing conditions. The Southern gold rush took off in a big way as farmers across Mississippi increased their corn acres from 340,000 in 2006 to 930,000 in 2007 and have maintained at least 720,000 acres since. Producers learned a lot that year from the bountiful crop and were encouraged to keep ... Read More »