Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Virginia grower harvests 602 bushels/acre for top yield in NCGA yield contest

An irrigated no-till field in Charles City, Virginia, had the highest yield of 602.1684 bushels per acre in the 2021 National Corn Yield Contest. Once...

Arkansas pumps up corn, grain sorghum and winter wheat production

• By John Lovett • Despite severe flooding in southeast Arkansas this year, the state’s farmers produced a banner year of corn with a state...


january 2022 corn south cover

Fertilizer Prices And What To Do

The fire-starter for 2022 crop input discussions is fertilizer prices. Without getting into the why of current volatility, first recall this situation is not...


World Corn Supplies Increase

Texas A&M AgriLife associate professor and Extension economist Mark Welch says in his mid-September newsletter, Feed Grain Outlook, that world corn supplies are up...

2022 Corn Hybrids

Weed Management: Try A Seldom-Used Mode of Action

Weeds are the bane of most growers’ existence. In a growing class of “superweeds,” Palmer amaranth continues to frustrate farmers with its dogged resistance...

Editor’s Note

fertilizer spreader

Two ‘R’s’ Down, Two To Go

Elon Musk says you should constantly think about how to do things better. That's a timely mantra given the record fertilizer prices going into 2022. How can crop fertility be done better? That brings me...

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Crop Protection

Texas A&M offers education at Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will once again provide educational programming through several different events at the Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show Nov....

Equipment & Technology

Precision Planting launches 2 seed placement technologies

Precision Planting LLC has introduced two seed placement optimization technologies that provide growers with greater seed placement precision, improved crop emergence and stand uniformity,...