Corn Hybrids: Southern Lineup for 2016

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.07.39 PMAgVenture Midsouth Dulaney Seed

RL9583YHB (118 RM)

  • Well adapted to high-yielding Southern soils
  • Excellent emergence, high test weight
  • Southern genetics yield leader
  • Optimum Intrasect insect protection
  • Open husk ears with hard, orange-tint grain
  • Very good leaf disease package
  • Excellent Flex

RL9858HB (120 RM)

  • Consistent producer across soil types
  • Excellent emergence, large kernels and deep grain fill
  • Southern-developed genetics with Herculex I trait
  • Huge ear size potential with large kernels, good test weight
  • Excellent Flex

RL9795HB (121 RM)

  • Healthy, robust Southern genetics with excellent heat tolerance
  • Herculex I Insect Protection with corn borer and Dual herbicide tolerance
  • Excellent leaf disease resistance
  • High yield potential across soil types
  • Excellent Flex

RL9256HB (117 RM)

  • Very high yielder across soil types
  • Herculex I Insect Protection with corn borer and Dual herbicide tolerance
  • Full-season workhorse with excellent disease resistance
  • High yield potential across soil types
  • High Flex

RL9801YHB (120 RM)

  • Excellent yield potential under irrigation
  • Optimum Intrasect insect protection
  • New genetic package for the Deep South
  • Healthy stalks even with dry grain
  • Low Flex can increase populations

RL9633YHB (119 RM)

  • Workhorse with heat and drought tolerance
  • Optimum Intrasect insect protection
  • New genetics with excellent performance in yield trials
  • Strong stalk and root strength for very good standability
  • Excellent Flex

RL8899YHB (115 RM)

  • Excellent emergence, high yield potential
  • Optimum Intrasect insect protection
  • Great choice for increased-management environments
  • Outstanding stress tolerance for heat and drought
  • High Flex


AgVenture North Carolina/East Tennessee Coldwater Creek Seeds

RL6348HBW (102 RM)

  • Excellent yield for an early number
  • Very good test weight
  • Solid disease package

RL788YHB (110 RM)

  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Great agronomic package
  • Very good staygreen
  • Reduced refuge acreage

RL8899YHB (115 RM)

  • High-end yield potential
  • Very good test weight
  • Works on most soil types
  • Reduced refuge acreage

CS-Oct-2015_Pg4RL9583YHB (118RM)

  • Full-season top-end yield potential
  • Excellent test weight grain
  • Great agronomics
  • Works well on any soil
  • Reduced refuge acreage

R9858/RL9858HB (118 RM)

  • Great full-season silage option
  • High quality, high tonnage
  • Solid disease package
  • Handles stress environments
  • Excellent grain option

AgVenture East Tennessee/North Carolina



DKC62-08 brand (112 RM)

  • Offensive product with top-end yield potential
  • Very good stalks and roots, drought tolerance
  • Very good drydown and test weight

DKC63-87 brand (113 RM)

  • Best suited to high-yield production systems
  • Good overall disease tolerance
  • Impressive root strength

DKC64-69 brand (114 RM)

  • Very good top-end yield potential
  • Very good heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Excellent test weight and grain quality
  • Excellent response to irrigation

DKC65-20 brand (115 RM)

  • Excellent seedling growth, very good roots
  • Excellent stalks and test weight
  • Very good staygreen and intactness
  • Very good drought tolerance

DKC66-40 brand (116 RM)

  • Very good top-end yield potential
  • Broadly adapted in 115 RM, Coastal areas
  • Very good drought tolerance
  • Dual-purpose potential

DKC66-59 brand (116 RM)

  • Excellent yield and health in most any geography
  • Performs well dryland or irrigation
  • Very good drought tolerance, good Goss’ Wilt tolerance
  • Good dual purpose potential

DKC66-97 brand (116 RM)

  • Broad adaptability East to West
  • Strong stalks and roots
  • Excellent greensnap and overall disease tolerance
  • Very good late season plant integrity and grain quality

DKC67-14 brand (117 RM)

  • Very good yield potential in multiple environments
  • Good height and good silage potential
  • Good ear fl ex and husk coverage
  • Good tolerance to diseases such as Southern Rust

DKC67-58 brand (117 RM)

  • Excellent yield potential, drought tolerance
  • Excellent stalks and very good roots
  • Very good staygreen and overall plant health
  • Very good test weight

DKC67-72 brand (117 RM)

  • Excellent top end yield potential
  • Similar performance dryland or irrigated
  • Nice test weight and grain quality
  • Good staygreen, very low greensnap risk

DKC68-05 brand (118 RM)

  • Consistent yield performance across geographies
  • Excellent emergence and seedling vigor
  • Good staygreen and overall plant health
  • Tremendous root and stalk strength

DKC68-26 brand (118 RM)

  • Good Goss’ Wilt tolerance and overall disease package
  • Very good performance in high yield environments
  • Taller stature with good greensnap tolerance
  • Good husk coverage with girthy, flex ears

DKC68-91 brand (118 RM)

  • Strong yield for maturity either dryland or irrigated
  • Good heat and drought tolerance
  • Good husk coverage and grain quality with nice ear rot tolerance
  • Good Southern Rust tolerance

Dekalb Seeds


Mycogen Seeds

MY06R31 (106 RM)

  • Very tall with strong stalks
  • Good grain quality and test weight
  • Good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight
  • Good tolerance to gray leaf spot and Goss’s wilt

MY09V40 (109 RM)

  • Medium plant and ear height
  • Above-average drought tolerance
  • Great tolerance to foliar diseases, including corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and Goss’s wilt


  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Good tolerance to foliar diseases including northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and Goss’s wilt

MY09V41 (109 RM)

  • Medium plant and ear height
  • Widely adapted for a range of soil types and environments

MY15T31 (115 RM)

  • Flex-ear hybrid with good grain quality and husk cover
  • Good foliar disease tolerance
  • Good stalk strength and staygreen for late-season intactness
  • Recommended for highly productive environments

Mycogen Seeds


CS-Oct-2015-Pg6NK Seeds


  • Exceptional drought tolerance with Agrisure Artesian technology
  • Great yield potential for highly managed acres
  • Strong emergence, seedling vigor for early planting

N66V (new)

  • Strong foliar disease package to maximize yield potential
  • Excellent drydown and very good grain quality
  • Exceptional choice for variable soil types


  • Widely adapted, consistent performance in many environments
  • Exceptional standability for flexible harvest schedule
  • Superb drought tolerance and ear flex


  • Agrisure Artesian technology maximizes yield when it rains; increases yield when it doesn’t
  • Strong emergence and seedling vigor for early planting


  • Powerful disease protection with top yields
  • Flex-ear hybrid that performs across multiple environments
  • Good continuous corn choice with excellent emergence and seedling growth
  • Good stalk strength and stay green for late season plant integrity

NK Seeds



P2160YHR (121 CRM)

  • New, full-season Optimum Intrasect hybrid with excellent yield potential and outstanding grain quality
  • Highly adapted to Southern environment with excellent stalk strength
  • Position under irrigation and in moderate dryland situations
  • 20 percent refuge

P2089YHR (120 CRM)

  • Impressive full season with contest-winning yield potential
  • Very good stalks, excellent staygreen and strong mid-season brittle stalk resistance
  • Exceptional ear flexability expands population options across soil types
  • Optimum Intrasect hybrid with 20 percent refuge
  • Also available: P2088R

P1916YHR (119 CRM)

  • New, late season Optimum Intrasect hybrid with excellent yield potential and outstanding staygreen
  • Moderate stature product offers excellent grain quality and favorable stress emergence
  • Position this product under irrigated environments and moderate dryland situations
  • Expanded insect spectrum option with 20 percent reduced refuge

P1739YHR (117 CRM)

  • Full-season maximum yield potential across the Delta and Mid-South
  • Above-average grain quality
  • Suited for the silt loam rice soils where stand establishment is critical
  • Optimum Intrasect hybrid with 20 percent refuge
  • Also available: P1739R

P1794VYHR (117 CRM)

  • Full-season, maximum yield potential suited for irrigation
  • Offers above-average root strength and competitive NLB resistance
  • Optimum Leptra for expanded insect protection with 20 percent reduced refuge

P1637VYHR (116 CRM)

  • New, full-season Optimum Leptra hybrid product with proven yield stability
  • Outstanding performance on sandy pivot irrigated fields
  • Strong foliar leaf disease package
  • Good stalks, superior roots and above average grain quality and mid-season brittle stalk resistance
  • Optimum Leptra offers an expanded spectrum pyramid of insect protection with 20 percent reduced refuge
  • Also available: P1637R and P1637YHR

P1690YHR (116 CRM)

  • Top-performing, mid-maturity for moderate and high-yields across Mid-South
  • Suited for pivot-irrigated situations on coarse-textured Delta soils
  • Above-average rating for stalks and roots, moderate plant and ear height
  • Optimum Intrasect hybrid with 20 percent refuge
  • Also available: P1690R

P1498YHR (114 CRM)

  • AQUAmax product for low and moderate yield environments
  • Improved drought tolerance fits stress areas and limited irrigation environments
  • Good stress emergence, fast early growth and early fl owering for maturity
  • An Optimum Intrasect hybrid with 20 percent refuge
  • Also available: P1498R

P1311YHR (113 CRM)

  • New, exceptional yield potential Optimum Intrasect hybrid with 20 percent refuge
  • Positon on moderate to high-yield fields with irrigation
  • Best performance on well-drained sandy and silt loam soils
  • Above-average roots and mid-season brittle stalk tolerance with competitive stalks

P1197YHR (111 CRM)

  • Industry-leading yield potential in an earlier maturing, moderately statured hybrid
  • Optimum Intrasect hybrid with 20 percent refuge
  • Excellent stalk strength and outstanding stay green
  • Position on moderate to high-yield dryland and under pivots with high yield potential




REV 28R10 (118 RM)

  • Tall plants with very good ear flex suitable for all single-row widths
  • Prostrate lower canopy with semi-erect upper canopy
  • Performs in high-yield environments and outstanding coastal adaptation

REV 26BHR50 (116 RM)

  • Outstanding test weight and kernel density on medium-tall plant with medium ear height
  • Good ear flex with excellent foliar disease package
  • High performance potential product with stress tolerance

REV 28HR20 (118 RM)

  • Tall plant with very good ear flex
  • Prostrate lower canopy with semi-erect upper canopy
  • Outstanding coastal adaptation and performs in high yield environments

REV 28R30 (118 RM)

  • Consistent sized semi-fl ex ear with very good grain quality
  • Large canopy for single-wide row adaptation
  • Good for silage potential

REV 24BHR93 (114 RM)

  • Exceptional yield potential over wide area
  • Taller plant type with excellent stalks and roots, average brittle snap
  • Unique in lineup in regards to yield potential and maturity

REV 22BHR43 (113 RM)

  • Best suited for moderately productive environments
  • Medium-tall plant with very good stalks and roots
  • Very good Southern movement for maturity and very good drought tolerance

REV 27BHR52 (117 RM)

  • Excellent all-around performance in Mid-South
  • Moves South well in high-production environments
  • Girthy ear with good test weight, above-average emergence in cooler soils

Terral Seed

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