Tuesday, May 21, 2024

EPA approves post-emerge herbicide from Belchim USA

Tough 5EC herbicide logoThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has registered Tough 5EC Herbicide from Belchim USA to control boardleaf weeds in corn, mint and chickpeas.

It is labeled for a number of breadleaf weeds, including Palmer amaranth, common waterhemp, kochia, common lambsquarters, black nightshade and marestail, including herbicide-resistant strains, according to a news release.

A post-emerge, Tough 5EC contains the active ingredient, pyridate, which belongs to the Weed Science Society of America’s Group 6. It is most effective when used as part of an integrated weed management program, according to a company news release.

Pyridate works by blocking a weed’s photosystem II process and triggers the release of toxic forms of oxygen, causing rapid cell wall degradation, according to the release.

“There are multiple combinations for use of Tough 5EC, whether producing a synergistic effect with HPPDs in corn or as a desperately needed post-emergent solution in mint and chickpeas,” Dennis Long, Belchim national technical service and development manager, said in the release. “Field trials have shown that pyridate’s mode of action increases weed control in herbicide-resistant weed populations by up to 30%, often achieving the 100% goal and making this a vital tool for growers.”

In corn, growers continue to see increases in crop loss due to “superweeds” like Palmer amaranth and common waterhemp that have shown resistance up to seven herbicide classes. However, field trials at multiple universities have shown promising results when Tough 5EC is added to existing tankmix programs.


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