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Glyphosate-Resistant Johnsongrass Raises Management Questions


• By Larry Steckel • Questions continue to arise on management of glyphosate-resistant (GR) Johnsongrass in corn, soybean and cotton. GR Johnsongrass continues to become more of an issue with each passing year. The main threat with Johnsongrass is in corn where there are few POST applied options. Judging by infestations of Johnsongrass in some corn fields, we may not ... Read More »

Some Tips For Tough-to-Control Poa, Ryegrass


• By Larry Steckel • Clearly this year, many are having trouble managing ryegrass and poa. Questions began months ago and continue today and have ranged from tactics to burn them down before planting to how to control them in a standing corn crop. What has become abundantly clear is that glyphosate is no longer an effective burn down option ... Read More »

One Gutsy Extension Agent


Summer gardens here on the farm have rows as long as some of your corn rows, if not longer. Peas from A to Z, (White) Acres to Zippers, are planted and the bounty fills the freezers of many families, including mine. Because of the size of this garden, it tends to be moved around a lot from the edges of ... Read More »

Control Weeds Prior To Planting: Burndown Timing and Options

As fields begin to dry and the extended forecast predicts better conditions for weed management strategies, burndown applications will be going out. Research has shown that burndown applications need to be applied four to six weeks prior to planting to prevent physical competition between weeds and the crop as well as to reduce the chance of damage from insects such ... Read More »

New Products for 2015: Companies offer new ways to help protect your crop

Xanthion In-furrow Fungicide Xanthion In-furrow fungicide from BASF will provide corn growers with an additional tool to protect their seed investment and maximize yield potential in the 2015 season. “A new tool to help growers start their season off strong, this product is different than other early season crop management treatments because it provides extended residual control by forming a ... Read More »

Prep And Planting

Soil preparation and precise planting are keys to optimizing corn yield potential. The University of Georgia (UGA) and University of Arkansas (U of A) Cooperative Extension Services offer the following insight into helping Southern farmers achieve this goal. Soil Management And Tillage In addressing its state’s specific needs, UGA Extension says, “Water erosion is a significant problem on many Georgia ... Read More »

Corn Weed Control

By Bruce Schultz Because corn weed control starts with clean fields, LSU AgCenter weed scientist Daniel Stephenson is advising Louisiana corn farmers to take a proactive approach to controlling weeds. First, a burndown of weeds should be done four to six weeks before planting. The end result removes weeds that will compete with corn for moisture and nutrition and eliminate ... Read More »

Weed Control in Georgia

Consider weed species, rotational crops and cost per acre in putting together a weed management plan for field corn. By Dr. Eric P. Prostko One of the most important aspects of field corn production is weed management. Uncontrolled weeds not only reduce corn yields through their competition for light, nutrients and moisture, but they can also severely reduce harvest efficiency. ... Read More »

Sites of Action

Use multiple sites of action to manage/prevent development of herbicide-resistant weeds. As the spread of resistant weeds continues, the term “site of action” is becoming a factor in managing resistance. It is imperative that growers understand herbicide site of action – and what it means to their weed management plan – because it can spell the difference between losing yield ... Read More »

Weed Control: The Culprits Of Spring

Experts target three key weeds – horseweed, Palmer amaranth and Italian ryegrass. By Carroll Smith With many producers planting corn as early as March or April in the Southern states, they will soon be faced with a host of yield-robbing weeds poised to cause significant issues this season. In the South, glyphosate-resistant horseweed can become especially problematic if not addressed ... Read More »