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December 2010

Tax Savers

Farming businesses can benefit from increased Section 179 expense deduction and extension of bonus depreciation. By David P. Webb and D. Nathan Smith President Obama signed into law the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 on Sept. 27, 2010 (the “Act”). The Act extended or introduced provisions designed to lessen the tax burden of small businesses. Many of these tax-saving ... Read More »

Fertility Rx

Arkansas farmers switched to a variable rate fertility program to save money and increase yields. By Carroll Smith Editor When brothers Curtis and Hunter Miller and Hunter’s son Clayton made the switch last year to a variable rate fertility program, they decided to use it on all of their 1,200 corn acres as well as their 1,300 soybean acres. “We ... Read More »

Editor’s Note: Price Volitility Means Difficult Decisons

To say that commodity prices have been volatile this year is obviously the ultimate understatement. Since marketing is not my area of expertise, I would like to defer to Melvin Brees, who is the market/policy Extension associate, FAPRI, University of Missouri. In his November “Decisive Marketing” column, Brees offers insight into today’s markets. Following is an excerpt from his commentary. ... Read More »

Block Aflatoxin

A new product, along with an effort by several universities to align their research, will help remove the fear factor from growing corn. By Carroll Smith Editor For all corn producers, aflatoxin is the “A” word that everyone fears, and no one likes to talk about. Although the toxin can be found in areas of the Corn Belt, the Mid-South ... Read More »