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October 2011

Insect Management: Protect Stored Grain

  Consider stored grain pest management strategies before and after storage. By Phillip G. Koehler Stored grain of almost any kind is subject to attack by insects. The insects that attack stored grain are highly specialized to exploit the stores man has set aside for himself. Stored products insects are, in most cases, insects of small size with a high ... Read More »

Special Report: Market Outlook

Editor’s Note: Mark Welch, Texas AgriLife Extension Economist, is based in College Station, Texas. The opinions and recommendations expressed are solely those of the author and are intended for educational purposes only as part of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Texas AgriLife Extension Service assumes no liability for the use of this newsletter. This edition of Welch’s Feedgrain Market Outlook ... Read More »

Corn’s Role In The Southern Crops Family

By Carroll Smith One of the main pastimes in the small, Mid-South town where I grew up was to go “riding around.” Whether it was with my friends after school or my parents or grandparents on Sunday afternoon, we burnt many a tank of gas cruising along the two-lane roads that led to just about anywhere you wanted to go. ... Read More »

Corn Hybrids Southern Lineup For 2012

This section reflects a partial listing of corn hybrids suited for the Southern growing region. For additional offerings, contact your local seed representative. AgVenture Midsouth Dulaney Seed RL9858HB (121 RM) Great Companion To RL9795HBF • Deep South genetics designed to withstand Southern heat stress • Dual purpose, Southern developed genetics with Herculex I trait • Performance results have been outstanding ... Read More »