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Take steps to safely fumigate grain bins

grain bins

Grain bin fumigation is a crucial but dangerous aspect of any grain farmer’s operation. The process of fumigating for pests begins well before grain enters the bin. The key to managing insect populations before, during and after the fumigation process is sanitation. Katelyn Kesheimer, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System entomology and plant pathology specialist, offers some information on fumigation’s dangers ... Read More »

Soil sampling is most reliable way to confirm nematodes in fields

ed sekora

All plants can act as hosts of plant-parasitic nematodes and field corn is no exception. Plant-parasitic nematodes attack and feed on the roots of plants disrupting the plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients. The most common above-ground symptoms include yellowing, wilting, and stunting of corn plants. Field symptoms are more noticeable early in the season and appear as ... Read More »

Not all chicken litter is created equal

poultry litter

High-quality fertilizer; low-quality smell. Broiler litter is a common fertilizer in row crop operations with a well-known foul odor. As one of the largest broiler producing states, this readily-available fertilizer is a carbon-rich and slow-release nutrient source for Alabama farmers. The term chicken litter brings to mind laying hens, according to Alabama Cooperative Extension System nutrient management specialist, Rishi Prasad. ... Read More »

Managing insects in corn

corn wireworm

Corn producers know that corn is most vulnerable to insects pressures within the first four weeks. For that reason, pre-plant herbicide burndown applications and other integrated pest management practices are key to a successful crop. Seed treatments are important Alabama Cooperative Extension System entomologist Katelyn Kesheimer said seed treatments are a great option for producers to give corn seeds an ... Read More »

Burndown considerations for corn production


Weed management is a year-round job, but producers take special care to make sound management decisions prior to planting— including cover crop burndown. David Russell, an Alabama Extension weed scientist, offers suggestions for planting into a weed-free field and maintaining a clean corn crop throughout the growing season. His areas of specialization include corn, soybeans, small grains, forages and non-crops. ... Read More »

Crop Protection Network releases free scouting web book

georgia corn

Corn and soybean producers know that an essential part of pest management is crop scouting. This subject is as vast as the tasks associated with it, and the benefits are evident to farmers. The Crop Protection Network has released a crop scouting and integrated pest management web book to assist agriculturalists. Why is crop scouting important? Crop scouting is an ... Read More »

Lingering Alabama drought yields mixed harvest results

alabama corn

Widespread drought continues in Alabama, as nearly 84% of the state is in severe drought. In fact, 55% of the state’s soil and subsoil moisture is reported to be “very short.” Even with these conditions, producers are still hard at work bringing in this year’s crop. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, 96% of the corn planted in Alabama ... Read More »

Dry Weather, Dry Forecast Worry Wiregrass Corn Producers

wiregrass corn

Expectations for higher-than-normal May temperatures have Wiregrass corn producers on edge as the spring growing season shapes up to be a dry one. Brandon Dillard, an Alabama Extension regional agent of agronomic crops, says farmers in the area were ahead of the planting schedule earlier in the season. “This was one of the best looking dryland corn crops I’ve seen ... Read More »