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Alabama’s Double J Farms embraces the 4R’s of nutrient management

double j farms

Each year, The Fertilizer Institute recognizes 4R Advocates, five pairs of retailers and farmers who are making 4R Nutrient Stewardship a priority in their operations. These partners get it, 4R Farming makes sense economically and environmentally. And that’s why The Fertilizer Institute is highlighting their work.  Double J Farms near Headland, Alabama, is one of those five. Double J Farms ... Read More »

Not all chicken litter is created equal

poultry litter

High-quality fertilizer; low-quality smell. Broiler litter is a common fertilizer in row crop operations with a well-known foul odor. As one of the largest broiler producing states, this readily-available fertilizer is a carbon-rich and slow-release nutrient source for Alabama farmers. The term chicken litter brings to mind laying hens, according to Alabama Cooperative Extension System nutrient management specialist, Rishi Prasad. ... Read More »

Return on investment or testimonials? Seek objective information

seedling corn

• By Larry Oldham • Newspapers were all paper and sometimes quite thick when I was younger. I trained myself to ignore almost all the advertisements in them to speed things along, particularly with Sunday editions. It may chagrin the business community to learn that I, even with online news, largely continue this practice today. Another lesson from my younger ... Read More »

Clemson researchers develop new app to aid row-crop fertigation

row crop fertigiation

The days of manually calculating numbers on spreadsheets to determine how much liquid fertilizer should be used to fertigate row crops may soon be gone, thanks to a new web-based calculator from Clemson University. The Clemson Center Pivot Fertigation Calculator is designed to help agricultural producers make more precise fertilizer applications, which will save money and increase crop productivity. This ... Read More »

Evaluating Controlled-Release Fertilizer

controlled-release fertilizer

Corn is an important crop for Florida’s agriculture industry with nearly 100,000 acres annually. Producers, Extension agents and researchers are studying corn nitrogen fertilization programs and methods to improve fertilizer uptake efficiency, to increase profitability and to reduce impacts to water resources. Why Controlled Release? Projects on controlled-release sources of nitrogen in corn, watermelons and carrots are ongoing at the ... Read More »

Promote Growth And Productivity With Starter Fertilizer

starter fertilizer

Starter fertilizers are often part of a successful nutrient management strategy. As with any fertility program, implementation of starters requires attention to detail. Avoid Fertilizer Burn Fertilizer burn may occur when fertilizers are applied with or near seed at planting. Many fertilizers are salts that dissolve into the respective ions in the soil water when applied. Think of table salt, ... Read More »

Reassess your strategy regarding tassel applications

corn tassel

• By Erick Larson • Mississippi’s corn crop is spread out this year across a considerable range of planting dates, with a few early fields already tasseling, and the bulk will be soon. Tassels clearly distinguish the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth stages in corn. The early corn reproductive stages are the most sensitive stages to environmental stress and ... Read More »

Tips for managing nitrogen fertilizer during wet weather

msu corn

• By Erick Larson, Larry Oldham and Bobby Golden • Mississippi’s warm, wet climate can pose considerable issues with nitrogen fertilization for corn, which is quite responsive and demands high amounts for optimal productivity. But the climate also greatly increases potential nitrogen loss through volatilization, denitrification and leaching compared to drier and colder climates. Of course, the corn-growing season is ... Read More »

Should you apply an in-furrow or starter fertilizer to corn?


• By Josh Copes, Rasel Parvej, Syam Dodla and Dan Fromme • Phone calls have been coming in regarding applying an in-furrow starter fertilizer at corn planting. An in-furrow starter is commonly called a “pop-up” fertilizer and is applied in the seed furrow (in-furrow). This allows for ease of application and placing the nutrients close to the germinating seed which ... Read More »

LSU AgCenter names soil fertility, agronomy specialist

rasel parvej

Rasel Parvej recently joined the LSU AgCenter Northeast Region faculty as assistant professor serving as a soil fertility and agronomy specialist. Parvej will have statewide responsibilities in row crop soil fertility. With research experience in cropping systems that include soybean, rice, corn, cotton and cover crops, he plans to work with producers to improve soil fertility through better nutrient management. ... Read More »