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Sentera Announces Tassel Counts

sentera tassle count

The Tassel Count analytics product will be available to all Sentera FieldAgent customers in March 2020. Instead of forecasting yield with a few spot samples, Sentera Tassel Count analytics tool allows users to more precisely calculate yields using tassel population data gathered across the entire field. Understanding tassel population can also help to more accurately time the application of certain ... Read More »

Promising New Tool

Amanda Huber, Editor

A small, handheld device may soon have a big impact in farming. The device is a Raman spectrometer. Raman spectroscopy measures how molecules scatter harmless laser light and has been found by Texas A&M AgriLife research scientists as a quick, accurate, nondestructive, and portable way to scan produce for its nutrient content. Dmitry Kurouski, assistant professor of biochemistry and biophysics, ... Read More »

Product News

pioneer logo

Pioneer Launches Yield Estimator Part of the Pioneer mobile app, the new Corn Yield Estimator is based on kernel count, stand count and kernels per bushel. It walks the user through the process of lining up the corn ear to be sampled, taking the necessary number of images and entering information before providing a yield estimate. The tool requires that ... Read More »