Case IH Announces New Corn Headers

CS Dec page 4_CF 11/13 templateCase IH has announced new draper headers and corn headers. The products are backed by intense testing in the lab and on customers’ farms. They’re designed to operate at higher speeds, cover more acres in a day, produce maximum yields, minimize grain loss and provide the best grain quality. They’re bringing the Axial-Flow combine family to a new level of innovation and productivity. The Case IH headers also are easier to set up and maintain. New poly dividers are more durable; provide quick, easy access for cleaning; and include gas struts for easier access and flip-up dividers fast conversion from field to road.

The new 3152 and 3162 draper heads harvest more acres in less time with superior crop feeding and less susceptibility to crop moisture. Case IH 4400 and 4200 corn heads were designed with some key customer requirements in mind: to pick cleaner, to harvest at faster speeds, to save more grain and to be easier to service. The heads include several features that allow them to pick more corn at higher ground speeds, like heavy-duty drives engineered for highspeed harvest and high-yielding corn hybrids.

These heads have high-capacity gathering chains to pull in large crop volumes and matched capacity stalk roll to gathering chain speeds for superior feeding. They also have larger stalk rolls that increase stalk processing and longer stalk roll knives that give you a wider operating range. And they’re built with patented corn-saver louvers that maximize grain savings.

John Deere JDLink App

Using the power of JDLink, you can optimize productivity, increase uptime and boost profits with machine information accessible from a laptop, desktop or mobile device. Stay informed on machine location and hours, protect your assets with Geofence and Curfew alerts, keep your assets running with maintenance tracking and preventive maintenance plans, track and analyze machine and fuel usage to make operation management decisions and save time by conducting remote machine diagnostics with Remote Display Access and Service ADVISOR Remote.

An optional satellite modem is available for areas where cellular signals are not available or reliable. JDLink will still connect via cellular connection unless a connection cannot be established. Then JDLink will switch over to satellite mode. Locate machines on the go with the iPhone, iPad or Android devices JDLink app. No need to start up your desktop, and launching the app only takes a few seconds. Users are able to access directions to machines from any location, receive and acknowledge machine alerts and ping machines for notifications. The JDLink app is available through iTunes and Google Play Stores.

CS Dec page 4_CF 11/13 templateJohn Deere JDLink AppAg Leader’s Compass Display

Producers looking for a simple and affordable precision farming display now have an entry-level solution from Ag Leader Technology, Inc.

“The Compass display was designed for growers who want a display to use primarily for guidance,” says Matt Leinen, Product Manager. “With a built-in lightbar, the Compass display provides on-screen guidance and coverage mapping that allows operators to improve pass-to-pass accuracy and easily track where they have been in the field, reducing costly gaps and overlaps.

“The user doesn’t need to know how to set up field information within the display to operate,” he adds. “With the event feature, they can simply create a new event each time they enter a field and go.”

The key features of the Compass display include: Compact design with built-in lightbar, 7-inch color touchscreen, built-in manual guidance and multiple language options. It combines with OnTrac2+ assisted steering, ParaDyme or GeoSteer automated steering systems for high-end guidance and is compatible with ISO 11783 Virtual Terminal Standard Full-screen mapping.

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