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December 2011

Back To Basics Or Magic Bullets?

By Dr. Glen Harris As a corn grower, you’ve probably heard it a million times: Soil test and apply the recommended lime and fertilizer so that soil fertility will not be your limiting factor for making high yields. But do you believe it? I do. But maybe you just heard the following so many times “lime to the proper pH, ... Read More »

Treated Seed Options Insects feeding at or below the soil level usually have the greatest impact

By Scott Stewart No one can blame you if you are confused about seed treatments. There are options that differ by crop and seed companies. Seed treatments target three pest groups: Seedling fungal diseases, insects and nematodes. I’m a bug guy, so I will concentrate on the insecticide components. In corn, the insecticide seed treatment is often the key component. ... Read More »

Texas Extension Economist’s Feed Grain Market Outlook

Mark Welch is a well respected Texas AgriLife Extension Economist who publishes a Feed Grain Market Outlook. Following are highlights from his Nov. 9, 2011 report: USDA lowered its U.S. corn yield estimate in WASDE (Nov. 9) down to 146.7 from 148.1. Total corn production declined 123 million bushels with this adjustment. These changes were within the range of trade ... Read More »

9 Tips For High Yields

Consider these suggestions for best yield potential in Southern growing conditions. The Southern gold rush took off in a big way as farmers across Mississippi increased their corn acres from 340,000 in 2006 to 930,000 in 2007 and have maintained at least 720,000 acres since. Producers learned a lot that year from the bountiful crop and were encouraged to keep ... Read More »