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December 2013

Dawn of a New Season

I’ve always been intrigued by quotes that contain the words “dawn” and “dusk.” Just a personal quirk, I suppose. I lean more toward dawn, with its promise of a new beginning, although dusk does not necessarily signify the beginning of the end. Instead, perhaps it serves as a precursor to the dawn, or the starting over. Following are a few ... Read More »

Production And Supply

By Mark Welch Editor’s Note: Mark Welch is a Texas AgriLife Extension Economist. Opinions and recommendations expressed are solely those of the author and are intended for educational purposes only. Texas AgriLife Extension Service assumes no liability. USDA estimates that the United States will produce 13.989 million bushels of corn in 2013, an all-time record high. The average yield is ... Read More »

Five Fertility Tips

Yield goals, soil fertility levels and cropping systems dictate fertility requirements. According to the Mississippi State University Extension Service, “Adequate soil fertility is a must for good corn production. Fertility requirements depend on yield goals, soil fertility levels and cropping systems. Balanced fertility management is necessary to produce corn for more profit.” To foster successful corn production in this region, ... Read More »

Industry News

The Farmer in All of Us Recently Published Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, the Ram Truck brand is launching a new photography book with National Geographic titled, The Farmer in All of Us: An American Portrait. The book is available for purchase now for $45 at www.ramtrucks.com/outfitter and will be in retail stores beginning late spring 2014. ... Read More »

Case IH Announces New Corn Headers

Case IH has announced new draper headers and corn headers. The products are backed by intense testing in the lab and on customers’ farms. They’re designed to operate at higher speeds, cover more acres in a day, produce maximum yields, minimize grain loss and provide the best grain quality. They’re bringing the Axial-Flow combine family to a new level of ... Read More »