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Februrary 2013

Weed Control in Georgia

Consider weed species, rotational crops and cost per acre in putting together a weed management plan for field corn. By Dr. Eric P. Prostko One of the most important aspects of field corn production is weed management. Uncontrolled weeds not only reduce corn yields through their competition for light, nutrients and moisture, but they can also severely reduce harvest efficiency. ... Read More »

Market Outlook – February 2013

By Mark Welch Editor’s Note: Mark Welch is a Texas AgriLife Extension Economist. Opinions and recommendations expressed are solely those of the author and are intended for educational purposes only. Texas AgriLife Extension Service assumes no liability. USDA reported another week of sluggish corn export sales in the Jan. 25 release of activity for the week of Jan. 17. After ... Read More »

Industry News

Zidua Herbicide Receives Federal Registration Corn growers battling tough-to-control, small-seeded broadleaf weeds and grasses will have a powerful new tool, as BASF announces the federal registration of Zidua herbicide. Future registrations for use in soybean and wheat are anticipated in early 2013. According to 10 years of research and field trials, the residual weed control provided by Zidua lasts up ... Read More »

Corn’s Water Needs

Accurately assessing soil moisture affects water management decisions By Dr. Erick Larson Last year, dry early season conditions prompted much conversation about the proper time to initiate irrigation for corn. This scenario usually generates a lot more anxiety than necessary because early season wilting is certainly not something we are very accustomed to. The simple answer is that irrigation should ... Read More »

3 Tips To Enhance Yields

Editor’s note: From the early planning stages through the end of the growing season, many factors influence the final yield numbers at harvest time. At right are three “kick-off” tips from the LSU AgCenter to help Louisiana producers realize their corn crop’s maximum yield potential. Companies offer multiple hybrids for sale to producers for good reasons. Each corn producer has ... Read More »

Still Goin’ For The Gold

By Carroll Smith Editor When corn prices shot up in 2007, farmers across the South were anxious to join the Gold Rush. Corn acres increased from 1,920,000 in 2006 to 4,035,000 in 2007. In November of 2007, we published our first edition of Corn South to assist Southern farmers who were not that familiar with growing corn to get up ... Read More »