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December 2016

2017 Planning Tips For A Successful Corn Crop

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Jason Kelley, Extension agronomist, offers the following tips for a successful corn crop. Make sure raised beds are still intact before planting. Beds that settle because of heavy rain or are much smaller can cause planting problems with uneven planting depth or planting on the edge of the bed. This is especially true ... Read More »

Market Factors

Mark Welch, Texas A&M ag Extension economist, said in his early November Market Grain Outlook, that the U.S. corn crop harvest was on a normal pace, and that The International Grains Council had raised its estimate of world corn production the week prior. His report continued as follows: Total 2016/17 production is up 8 mmt (315 million bushels) from 1,027 ... Read More »

Calm down, Chicken Little

Well, isn’t this an interesting turn of events — that’s what I said to my parents when I stopped by their house the morning after Election Day. Over our respective cups of coffee, we shared stories about election night, what time we’d gone to bed, when we had heard it called, and so on. At my age, I’ve been through ... Read More »