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Feb 2017

Disease Watch:

bacterial leaf streak on corn plants

Bacterial Leaf Streak Bacterial leaf streak, caused by Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum (synonym X. campestris pv. zeae), was confirmed for the first time in the United States in many counties across Nebraska in 2016, and it was also confirmed in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas. As yet, it has not been found in the Delta region or the Southeast; however, ... Read More »

Market Factors


Mark Welch, Texas A&M ag Extension economist says in his mid-January Market Grain Outlook, that USDA has made only minor changes to the U.S. and world corn supply and demand balance sheets in their first World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates for 2017. His market report continued as follows: Overall production was lowered 78 million bushels on lower yields, but ... Read More »

One Gutsy Extension Agent


Summer gardens here on the farm have rows as long as some of your corn rows, if not longer. Peas from A to Z, (White) Acres to Zippers, are planted and the bounty fills the freezers of many families, including mine. Because of the size of this garden, it tends to be moved around a lot from the edges of ... Read More »