Be Safe For Everyone On The Farm

Amanda Huber, Editor
Amanda Huber, Editor

This is not an easy column to write and won’t be easy to read, either. I could have passed on this topic, but would that have been the right thing to do? I was so strongly moved by it that I thought it too important not to write about.

I was perusing the Clemson University Agricultural Safety web pages recently and found the Ag Injury News Report for January 2024. This is a listing of the farm-related deaths or injuries around the United States from the previous quarter October through December 2023. There were five reports, four were deaths and one was a recoverable injury.

We all know farming is a dangerous occupation. It involves big, heavy equipment, sharp tools, flammable liquids and materials, going over the road with other drivers who are always in a rush. Then there’s a big danger in the corn industry – grain bins. These structures have safety procedures and rescue training all their own.

That there were four unfortunate events that claimed lives through agricultural accidents is not all that surprising. The tragic part is that two of those four reports involved two-year-olds. Is there anyone more filled with wonder and wide-eyed at all things on the farm than a toddler? Unfortunately, they’re also mobile, and quick, but equally completely unaware of any dangers.

Thousands of kids grow up on farms. I grew up on one as did my kids. It’s likely that you did too, as are your kids. But it only takes seconds for a tragedy to happen. Let this be a reminder to watch out for everyone, especially those little ones, at all times. It’s easy to get busy, in a rush, lost in your thoughts of what needs to be done on the farm. However, the last thing you will ever want is for you or a child to be a part of this report.

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