Friday, May 24, 2024

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New Herbicide Option
Summit Agro USA recently announced the launch of Shieldex 400SC corn herbicide, a new post-emergent HPPD chemistry that is safe and effective for use in all types of corn.

Shieldex 400SC controls a wide range of broadleaf and grass weeds, including troublesome weeds such as tall waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, giant ragweed and giant foxtail. The unique HPPD technology that powers Shieldex 400SC provides growers with a flexible new tool in the battle against herbicide resistance.

“We are very excited about the registration of Shieldex 400SC corn herbicide, and look forward to working with our exclusive distribution partners Helena Chemical Co. and Tenkoz Inc. to get the product out to retailers and growers across the United States,” says Jon Forbis, Shieldex 400SC product manager.
For more information on Shieldex 400SC, or to learn more about the full range of products from Summit Agro USA, please visit

Boost Phosphorus, Yields
A series of university, retailer and company field trials shows that use of Avail Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer from Verdesian Life Sciences can boost the amount of phosphorus (P) available for plant uptake up to 45 percent.

“In some of these trials, the rate of applied P was reduced by 20 to 50 percent with little or no adverse effect on yield,” says Todd Carpenter, technical development manager for Verdesian Life Sciences. “Improved P availability and early season uptake of P translates into faster root development, improved root structure and stronger stalks. This means a more robust crop that can better withstand environmental stresses.”

The increase in P efficiency that Avail provides has a direct correlation to improved return on investment (ROI) from every pound of P applied. “Ninety percent of our corn trials have shown a yield increase of 10 Bu./A, on average when Avail is applied,” Carpenter says. “At $3.25-per- bushel corn, the ROI could be as high at 5:1. Getting up to 45 percent more of the P applied into a crop during one growing season can make a big difference.”

Further information about Verdesian is available at

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