2019 Corn Hybrids

Corn South presents a partial listing of corn hybrids suited for the Southern growing region. For a more complete listing, contact your seed representative.


DKC62-05 Brand (RM 112)
• A great refuge option in proven genetics
• Good late-season standability and adapted to most acres

DKC62-08 Brand (RM 112)
• Versatile product with top-end yield potential
• Very good stalks, roots and drought tolerance
• Nice dry down and test weight
• Proven performer

DKC64-35 Brand (RM 114)
• Disease Shield product, with excellent foliar disease tolerance and staygreen
• Very good stalk and root strength
• Excellent Southern Rust tolerance
• Excellent grain quality with a somewhat open husk type

DKC65-20 Brand (RM 115)
• Shorter plant stature with a broad canopy
• Has shown impressive standability
• Very good staygreen and intactness
• Strong drought tolerance

DKC66-75 Brand (RM 116)
• Disease Shield product, with excellent foliar disease tolerance
• Strong performance at high yield levels
• A tall hybrid that has shown good standability

DKC66-97 Brand (RM 116)
• Best suited to use in irrigated environments
• Strong stalks and roots
• Has been a stable performer
• Very good late-season plant integrity

DKC67-44 Brand (RM 117)
• Can perform in low- and high-yield environments
• Nice ear flex and grain quality
• Very strong drought tolerance

DKC67-72 Brand (RM 117)
• Has shown great consistency across environments
• Strong heat and drought tolerance
• Good greensnap tolerance
• Has shown great standability

DKC68-26 Brand (RM 118)
• Good Goss’s Wilt tolerance
• Very good performance in irrigated environments
• Taller stature with good greensnap tolerance
• Good husk coverage with girthy, flex type ears

DKC70-27 Brand (RM 120)
• Disease Shield product, with excellent foliar disease tolerance
• Strong performance in dryland or irrigated environments
• Full-season performance leader
• Very good grain quality

Local Seed

LC0877 (RM 108)
• New exciting genetics with high yield potential
• Outstanding early season performance
• Excels under high management
• Phenomenal southern movement

LC1289 (RM 112)
• New hybrid with excellent test weight
• Outstanding early season performance
• Stalks and roots are a plus
• Responds well to high management

LC1436 (RM 114)
• Great early vigor, suitable for early planting and no-till
• Excellent candidate for a fungicide and early harvest
• Widely adapted and proven hybrid that handles most soil types and dry land environments

LC1586 (RM 115)
• New trecepta hybrid providing broad spectrum control of lepidopteran insects
• Widely adapted across soil types and environments
• Taller plant type with outstanding standability

LC1577 (RM 115)
• New for 2018 with excellent internal testing
• Great early vigor suitable for early planting and no-till
• Semi-flex ear but responds to plant populations and management under irrigation

LC1776 (RM 117)
• Very nice, proven 117-day hybrid
• Can cover wide rows and suitable for most soil types and production practices
• Very good drought tolerance and semi-flex ears but does respond to management and irrigation

LC1878 (RM 118)
• New hybrid with high yield potential
• Tall and robust plant with high ear placement and excellent plant health
• Excellent agronomic package and early seedling vigor
• Great fit for all soil types and management styles

LC1987 (RM 119)
• New full-season hybrid suited for multiple environments
• Excellent disease package with late-season plant health and standability
• Excellent grain quality with heavy test weight with yield

NK Corn

NK0821 (RM 108) – New
• Maximizes yield when it rains, increases yield when it doesn’t
• Outstanding stalks and very good roots for season-long standability
• Very strong emergence allows for early planting
• Good ear flex provides population flexibility

NK1066 (RM 110)
• Exceptional choice for variable soil types
• Strong foliar disease package to maximize yield potential
• Excellent dry down and very good grain quality
• Excels on medium- to coarse-texture soils

NK1263 (RM 112)
• Top yields with Agrisure Artesian technology
• Maximizes yield when it rains, increases yield when it doesn’t
• Strong emergence and seedling vigor for early planting
• Very good to excellent performance in medium and coarse soils

NK1354 (RM 113) – New
• Excellent emergence and solid early vigor for a fast start
• Solid disease package to protect top-end yield potential
• Superb dry down for a quick harvest
• Good ear flex provides population flexibility

NK1405 (RM 114)
• Solid agronomics even under southern disease pressures
• Strong stalks for normal to extended harvest dates
• Superior stress tolerance and broad adaptability for southern environments
• Flex ear type allows population adjustments as needed by environment

NK1433 (RM 114)
• Minimizes weather risks with great performance in stress environments
• Ear flex provides population flexibility
• Superb seedling vigor for a strong start
• Sound agronomics allows for broad adaptability

NK1444 (RM 114)
• Superior stress tolerance for consistent top-end yields
• Very strong stalk strength enhances late-season plant intactness
• Yields well in high-disease environments
• Ear flex allows for normal to below normal planting populations

NK1573 (RM 115)
• Strong agronomics with stable yield performance
• Population driven for top-end performance
• Very good root and stalk strength for harvest flexibility
• Dependable staygreen to help maximize yield potential

NK1694 (RM 116)
• Superior yield potential and broadly adapted
• Well-adapted to drought-prone soils
• Yields well in high-disease environments, despite average gray leaf spot resistance
• Stable plant and ear height across rolling stress environments

NK1808 (RM 118)
• Broadly adapted with a complete agronomic package
• Strong choice for highly productive irrigated and dryland systems
• Tall plant type with good stalks for improved standability
• Great plant health and staygreen promotes late-season intactness

REV Brand

REV 17BHR98 Brand
• Early Mid-South and Deep-South option
• Compact plant type with good ear placement
• Upright leaf structure well-suited for twin row or narrow row applications

REV 24BHR99 Brand
• More compact plant type
• Very solid all-around agronomic characteristics
• Handles increased plant populations well
• Very responsive to increased inputs

REV 25BHR26 Brand
REV 25R27 Brand
REV 25LPR26 Brand
REV 25XTR26 Brand
• Medium plant and ear height
• Works well across a wide variety of soil types
• Very good grain quality
• Very good ear flex
• Silage potential

REV 25BHR89 Brand
REV 25LPR89 Brand
• Robust plant with excellent southern adaptation
• Very stable across soil types
• Deep, toothy grain with very good test weight

REV 27BHR79 Brand
REV 27LPR79 Brand
• Excellent test weight
• Very good ear flex
• Large plant type well suited for wider rows
• Best placed on productive soil types after crop rotation

REV 28BHR18 Brand
• Good mix of yield potential and stress tolerance
• Very good ear flex
• Aggressive early growth for rapid canopy closure
• Large plant type well suited for wider rows

REV 2616PWE Brand
• Best performance across the southern Corn Belt
• Best in areas with low greensnap potential
• Avoid poorly drained soils
• Good response to a fungicide treatment
• Responds to high management practices and favorable environments
• Avoid fields with a history of Goss’s wilt
• Best in rotation or when rotating to cornfields without corn rootworm pressure

REV 2858SXE Brand
• Positive yield response to a moderate increase in plant population
• Avoid poorly drained soils
• Responds to high management practices and favorable environments
• Positive yield response with a fungicide application

REV 26BHR58 Brand
• Very high Deep South yield potential
• Very responsive to irrigation and other inputs
• Tall plant with medium-high ear placement
• Best placed on more productive soil types after crop rotation

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