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Corn Hybrids Outstanding Lineup For 2011

CS Oct 10 CoverThis section reflects a partial listing of corn hybrids suited for
the Southern growing region. For additional offerings,
contact your local seed representative.

AgVenture Midsouth

RL9858HB (121 RM)
• Deep South genetics designed to withstand Southern heat stress
• Dual purpose, Southern developed genetics with Herculex I trait
• Performance results have been outstanding
• Huge ear size potential with large kernels, good test weight
• HX1, LL, RR2 – Also available in RR2

RL9795HB (119 RM)
• Healthy, Southern genetics for the Mid- and Deep South
• Outstanding gray leaf spot and overall leaf disease tolerance
• Very high yield potential on good soils with irrigation
• Tall plants with excellent late-season staygreen and intactness
• HX1, LL, RR2

RL9583HB (118 RM)
• Very good overall leaf disease resistance and excellent staygreen
• Well adapted in the Mid- and Deep South
• Open husk ears with hard, orange tint grain
• Unique, Southern genetics with very high quality grain and yield
• HX1, LL, RR2 – Also available in RR2

AV9454R2CB (118 RM)
• Long, flexing ears with good quality grain and good test weight
• Excellent hybrid for use on variable and clay soils
• Well adapted to the Deep South
• Dependable, stable performer combining stress tolerance and yield

G9241 (117 RM)
• Impressive new genetic combination with great yields and health
• Responds to high yield management with good agronomic package
• Girthy ear style with deep grain and excellent test weight
• Medium tall, lush green plants with outstanding plant health
• Agrisure GTTM

R9092VBW (116 RM)
• Proven multi-year performer with YieldGard VT Triple
• Girthy ears with excellent husk cover and large, deep kernels
• Proven high yield performance over a wide range of conditions
• Excellent stress tolerance
• YG VT3

RL8950HB (115 RM)
• Unmatched high-end yield potential with Herculex I trait
• Best positioned on good soils with high yield potential
• High quality grain with high test weight on moderate flex ears
• Very impressive “must-use” early option hybrid
• HX1, LL, RR2 – Also available in RR2

AgVenture East Tennessee/ North Carolina

Clif Hardison with Sweetwater Creek Seeds notes, “For 2011, Sweetwater Creek Seeds offers a total package of corn products to assist growers combat the growing issue of resistant weeds. In addition to tolerance to Roundup, all of these products offer a trait option providing tolerance to Ignite herbicide, which can be an essential tool in this important weed management program.”

AV729CBLL (110 RM)
• Great combination of yield, plant health, and standability
• Big root system with excellent stress tolerance and standability
• Herbicide rotation flexibility with Ignite herbicide tolerance

GL8456ABW (113 RM) NEW
• Very good leaf disease and general plant health
• Adapts very well to higher plant populations
• Strong stalk and root strength
• Herbicide rotation flexibility with Ignite herbicide tolerance

AV8923/L8923HB (115 RM)
• Complete package of trait options, including flexibility with Ignite herbicide tolerance
• Proven performer
• Excellent stress hybrid
• Will stand and wait


DKC64-69 (114 RM)
Genuity VT Triple PRO
• Excellent test weight
• Very good heat tolerance
• Very good staygreen and overall plant health
• Excellent stalks and very good roots

DKC68-05 (118 RM)
Genuity VT Triple PRO
• Excellent for reduced-tillage systems
• Good staygreen and overall plant health
• Tremendous root and stalk strength
• Maintains ear height in stress environments

DKC67-88 (117 RM)
Genuity VT Triple PRO
• Good choice for both grain and silage
• Very good emergence and excellent seedling growth
• Adapted to most crop rotations including corn-on-corn
• Good overall disease package

DKC67-21 (117 RM)
Genuity VT Triple PRO
• Very good emergence and seedling growth
• Very good stalk strength
• Adapted to most tillage systems
• Very good choice for early planting

DKC66-96 (116 RM)
Genuity VT Triple PRO
• Strong stalks and roots
• Good fit for corn following corn systems
• Optimizes yield potential in irrigated systems
• Well adapted to wider row spacings

DKC64-83 (114 RM)
Genuity VT Triple PRO
• Excellent top-end yield potential
• Very good stalks and roots
• Very good test weight
• Good choice for reduced refuge systems

DKC61-05 (111 RM)
Genuity VT Triple PRO
• Excellent yield potential and test weight
• Strong stalks
• Solid drought and heat tolerance
• Suitable for corn-on-corn environments

NK Seeds

Syngenta Seeds points out the addition of its Agrisure 3111 hybrids, which include the new Agrisure Viptera trait.

N68B (RM: 111)
Widely Adapted With A
Consistent Performance
Over Many Environments

• Exceptional standability provides flexible harvest schedule
• Good drought tolerance and ear flex support high yields
• Yields well in gray leaf spot environments, despite below average disease tolerance rating
Trait Versions:
N68B-3111 Brand (NEW)
N68B-3000GT Brand
N68B-GT Brand

N69L (RM: 112)
Solid Performance Across
Variable Yield Environments

• Excellent choice for heat and drought stress environments
• Combines good stress tolerance and high yield potential
• Good grain quality with very good husk coverage
Trait Versions:
N69L-GT/CB/LL Brand (NEW)
N69L-GT Brand

N77P (RM: 114)
Superior Stress Tolerance
For Consistent Top-end Yields
• Very good stalk strength enhances late-season intactness
• Yields well in high disease environments, despite low gray leaf spot tolerance
• Ear flex allows for normal to below normal planting populations
Trait Versions:
N77P-3111 Brand (NEW)
N77P-3000GT Brand

N82V (RM: 117)
Tremendous Top-end Yield Potential On Highly Productive Soil Types
• Great choice for irrigated acres
• Good stalks and roots contribute to late- season intactness and standability
• Flex ear type with excellent harvestability
Trait Versions:
N82V-3000GT Brand
N82V-GT Brand

N78N (RM: 118)
Full Season Yield Leader
• Solid agronomic package with excellent harvestability
• Best placed on highly productive soils
• Use moderate planting rates for best performance
Trait Versions:
N78N-3111 Brand (NEW)
N78N-3000GT Brand
N78N-GT Brand

N78B (RM: 119)
Excellent Stress Tolerance
With Superior Grain Quality
• Consistent performance across variable yield environments
• Strong agronomics and disease tolerance
• Strong standability with very good root strength
Trait Versions:
N78B-3000GT Brand (NEW)
N78B-GT Brand


P2023HR (120 CRM)
• Use in moderate to high-yielding environments
• Strong foliar leaf disease package
• Quality and tonnage silage companion for moderate to high-yielding Southeastern irrigated environments

31P42 (HX1, LL, RR2) (119 CRM)
• Top yield potential leader for high-yielding, well-watered environments
• Solid stalk and root strength agronomics
• Quality and tonnage silage leader for moderate to high-yielding Southeastern irrigated environments
• Also available: 31P40 (RR2) and 31P41

P1814HR (118 CRM)
• Moderate yield level workhorse
• Solid stalk and root strength
• Outstanding foliar leaf disease tolerance

P1745HR (117 CRM)
• Excellent top-end yields with dryland standability
• Well suited for Max and moderate yield environments
• Good choice for pivot irrigation on coarse-textured Delta soils
• Also available: P1745R

P1615HR (116 CRM)
• Contest yield potential in a new family suited for Southern moderate to high-yielding environments
• Strong foliar leaf disease and grain quality package
• Also available: P1615R

33D49 (HX1, LL, RR2) (115 CRM)
• Target Max yield environments north of I-40
• Above average stress emergence and handles wet soil environments
• Highly suited for early planting/cool soil conditions
• Outstanding standability with moderate plant and ear height
• Above average tolerance to brittle snap

33F87 (HX1, LL, RR2) (114 CRM)
• Top performing, widely adapted leader for all yield levels across the Mid-South
• Suited for dryland and pivot irrigated situations on coarse-textured Delta soils
• Strong drought tolerance and grain quality package
• Quality and tonnage silage option for Southeastern stress-to-limited irrigation environments

33N58 (HX1, LL, RR2) (113 CRM)
• Proven top-end yield performance leader for moderate to high-yielding areas of the northern Delta throughout the Mid-South
• Offers a solid agronomic package
• Suitable for early planting situations
• Also available: 33N55 (RR2)

Pioneer hybrid 1184HR (111 CRM)
• Wide area adaptation for early season hybrid
• Very good drought tolerance with exceptional late-season standability
• Offers high yield potential coupled with superior stalks and roots
• Outstanding grain quality, YFC grade
• Position in moderate to low yield environment
• Also available: P1184R

VP Maxx Brand

8950/L8950HB (115 RM)
• Complete package of trait options, with two offering Ignite herbicide tolerance
• Wow!!-type yield potential
• Keep it on good ground
• Great grain quality and test weight


Visit The Web For More Info On Southern Corn Hybrids

• AgVenture Midsouth:
• AgVenture East Tennessee/North Carolina:
• NK Seeds:
• Pioneer:
• VP Maxx Brand:

RL8792HB (114 RM)
• Short stature, but tall yields
• Great early vigor
• Excellent test weight
• Herbicide rotation flexibility with Ignite herbicide tolerance

RL9858HB (121 RM)
• Full season silage grain option
• Tall robust plant
• Large girthy ear
• Herbicide rotation flexibility with Ignite herbicide tolerance

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