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Pilot Leaves Delta Land To MSU

By Carroll Smith Willis Durden “Dan” McGeary left Mississippi to follow his dream of becoming a pilot, but he never forgot his connection to his home state or his alma mater, Mississippi State University. The last surviving member of a prominent Delta family, McGeary willed Sidon Plantation in Leflore County to Mississippi State University. The bequest includes 2,069 acres of ... Read More »

Start With The Seed

By Carroll Smith To give corn the ability to maximize yield, you have to think about the seed you’re going to plant before it ever goes into the ground. With this in mind, more farmers who are planting corn in the South are utilizing seed treatment packages to give each and every plant the best possible start in kicking off ... Read More »

Fertility Programs

An effective fertility program is key to achieving yield goals. By David Wright Liming increases bacterial activity that breaks down soil organic matter to make soil nitrogen and other nutrients more available to the crop. A good fertility program should be based on the soil fertility level as determined by soil tests and yield goal. Fertilization programs not based on ... Read More »

Corn Hybrids

Southern Lineup For 2013 This section reflects a partial listing of corn hybrids suited for the Southern growing region. For additional offerings, contact your local seed representative. AgVenture Midsouth Dulaney Seed RL8899YHB™ (115 RM) • Optimum® Intrasect® insect protection • High yield potential • Good GLS and NCLB disease resistance • Outstanding overall stress tolerance for heat and drought GL9241AB™ ... Read More »

Editor’s Note October 2012

Timely Tips For 2013 Southern Hybrid Selection By Carroll Smith Editor A successful Southern corn crop starts with the seed you plant. With that in mind, it’s important to put a lot of thought into hybrid selection for the upcoming growing season. Following are some timely tips from Southern universities. Mississippi State Extension Service says, “The corn hybrids noted in ... Read More »

Market Outlook October 2012

Fertility treatment options and hybrid testing program benefit corn producers By Rick Mascagni Editor’s Note: Mark Welch, Texas AgriLife Extension Economist, is based in College Station, Texas. The opinions and recommendations expressed are solely those of the author and are intended for educational purposes only as part of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Texas AgriLife Extension Service assumes no liability ... Read More »

Sites of Action

Use multiple sites of action to manage/prevent development of herbicide-resistant weeds. As the spread of resistant weeds continues, the term “site of action” is becoming a factor in managing resistance. It is imperative that growers understand herbicide site of action – and what it means to their weed management plan – because it can spell the difference between losing yield ... Read More »

Industry News February 2012

New Research Shows Atrazine Boosts Corn Yields By 600 Million Bushels Per Year A recent study by Dr. David C. Bridges, agronomist and president of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, Ga., shows atrazine increases corn crop yields in the United States by about seven bushels per acre, or more than 600 million bushels per year. In sorghum crops, yields ... Read More »

Editor’s Note February 2012

Put Some Spin On Your 2012 Crop Mix By Carroll Smith Editor Most dictionaries define the word “rotation” as the circular movement of an object. In sports, rotation is often referred to as “spin.” In tennis, the ball can have topspin and backspin. In billiards, or pool, words like English, follow and draw are used. And, of course, curve balls ... Read More »

Exports Up

By Mark Welch Editor’s Note: Mark Welch is a Texas AgriLife Extension Economist. Opinions and recommendations expressed are solely those of the author and are intended for educational purposes only. Texas AgriLife Extension Service assumes no liability. USDA issued numbers on Jan. 12, 2012, showing a tighter domestic corn situation, but not as tight as the trade anticipated. U.S. corn ... Read More »