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What are your options for ryegrass escapes in planted fields?

ryegrass escapes

• By Larry Steckel • Ryegrass appears to have escaped burndown in a number of fields that have been planted to corn. In most cases, the ryegrass escaped a glyphosate plus dicamba burndown. The reason for the lack of control is the continued evolution of glyphosate-resistance in our ryegrass population as well as dicamba decreasing the effectiveness of glyphosate on ... Read More »

Post-cold snap for beans and corn

two-leaf corn

• Angela McClure • A few days ago, I posted a planting advisory ahead of our forecasted cold snap. The concern was mainly around the potential of 30-plus degree temperatures and rain to cause chilling damage to newly planted corn and soybean seed that were in the early stages of germination. Based on reports from agents in different areas of ... Read More »

Pause planting with forecasted freezing temps

seedling corn

• By Angela McClure • We keep sliding back into a “below normal” temperature pattern for April. Near-freezing temperatures with rain in this week’s forecast has created some concern about viability of corn and soybeans planted this week. Based on current weather reports, nighttime temperatures are forecasted to be close to freezing Tuesday and Wednesday night (April 20 and 21) ... Read More »

Ready or not, burndown season is here!


• By Larry Steckel • Ready or not, burndown season is here! There has been very little burndown applied to date. Weather permitting, some would like to start corn planting before April 1. A potential short turnaround time from burndown to corn planting is most problematic in controlling ryegrass, particularly if the ryegrass is glyphosate resistant. There are really three ... Read More »

UT launches Tennessee Master Crop Crop certification

university of tennessee logo

Cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat — these row crops make up the bulk of row-crop agriculture across Tennessee, and a new certification from University of Tennessee Extension is now available for row-0crop producers. The Tennessee Master Row Crop certification program, which recently launched, is an educational program designed to further improve the profitability and sustainability of today’s row-crop farming operations. From ... Read More »

UT releases results of 2020 corn hybrid tests in Tennessee

UT corn hybrid trials

All corn hybrid trials were conducted in each of the physiographic regions of the state. Tests were conducted at the Highland Rim (Springfield), East Tennessee (Knoxville), Milan (Milan) and West Tennessee (Jackson) AgResearch and Education Centers. The early and medium-season tests were also planted at the Agricenter International Research Center in Memphis. Duplicate plantings of the early, medium- and full-season ... Read More »

Scout and correctly ID diseases to aid management

southern rust

• By Heather Marie Kelly • Relatively low disease has been observed in Tennessee so far. The warmer winters most areas had may have allowed survival of disease inoculum and paired with storms coming from the south could result in more disease development this season. So scouting and correctly identifying diseases are important. Whether a disease will develop and cause ... Read More »

UT hosts 25th annual grain and soybean conference, Feb. 6

ut grain soybean conference

Informative presentations, an extensive trade show, and an opportunity to network with some of the leaders in corn and soybean production are all on the agenda for the 2020 West Tennessee Grain and Soybean Producers Conference. This University of Tennessee Extension event will be held on Thursday, Feb. 6, at the Dyer County Fairgrounds on James Rice Road. Registration opens ... Read More »