2021 Corn Hybrids

corn harvestDEKALB

DKC62-05 Brand (112RM)
DKC62-08 Brand (112RM)
• Versatile product with top-end yield potential
• Very good stalks, roots and drought tolerance
• Nice dry down and test weight
• Proven performer and adapted to most acres
• DKC62-05 Brand is a great refuge option

DKC63-57 Brand (113RM)
• Broadly adapted with strong yields across environments
• Has shown excellent standability
• Capability to flex at reduced planting populations
• Solid agronomics and disease tolerance package

DKC64-35 Brand (114RM)
• Disease Shield for excellent foliar disease tolerance and staygreen
• Very good stalk and root strength
• Excellent southern rust tolerance
• Excellent grain quality with a somewhat open husk type

DKC65-20 Brand (115RM)
• Shorter plant stature with a broad canopy
• Has shown impressive standability
• Very good staygreen and intactness
• Strong drought tolerance

DKC65-93 Brand (115RM)
DKC65-95 Brand (115RM)
• Good stress tolerance, strong yield potential across environments
• Attractive plant type with strong agronomics
• Strong roots and stalks provide good standability
• Excellent grain quality and test weight
• DKC65-93 Brand is an RR2 option

DKC65-99 Brand (115RM)
• Has shown strong yield potential and stability
• Very good stalks and roots with a medium plant height
• Very good southern rust tolerance
• Broadly adapted across most soil types

DKC66-18 Brand (116RM)
• Excellent yield potential with good movement across regions and environments
• Moderate plant type with very good standability
• Very good disease package and harvest time flexibility
• Best suited for medium to medium high plant populations

DKC66-75 Brand (116RM)
• Disease Shield product, with excellent foliar disease tolerance
• Strong performance at high yield levels
• A tall hybrid that has shown good standability

DKC67-44 Brand (117RM)
• Can perform in low- and high-yield environments
• Nice ear flex and grain quality
• Very strong drought tolerance

DKC68-69 Brand (118RM)
• Strong foliar disease tolerance package
• Robust plant type with good canopy coverage
• Strong yield opportunity
• Versatility and drought tolerance for most yield environments

DKC70-25 Brand (120RM)
DKC70-27 Brand (120RM)
• Disease Shield for excellent foliar disease tolerance
• Strong performance in dryland or irrigated environments
• Full-season performance leader
• Very good grain quality
• DKC70-25 Brand is a great refuge option in fuller season genetics

NK Corn

NK1082 (RM 110) – New
• Broadly adapted hybrid for
• Broadly adapted hybrid for all yield environments
• Moderate plant stature with great emergence for an earlier planting window
• Flexible trait offering for a step change in above- and below-ground insect management

NK1460 (RM 114)
• Industry-leading trait package for management of above and below-ground insects
• Outstanding performance in the Central and Western corn belt
• Performs solidly under limited irrigation or rainfall

NK1573 (RM 115) – New
• Population-driven hybrid for top-end performance
• Very good root and stalk strength for harvest flexibility
• Dependable stay-green to help maximize yield potential

NK1677 (RM 116) – New
• Higher-yielding hybrid that responds to management
• Improved test weight and grain quality with desirable ear placement and husk cover
• Excellent combination of strong stalks and roots

NK1748 (RM 117) – New
• Enhanced agronomics with stable yield performance
• Very strong roots with moderate plant and ear height
• Improvement in test weight and grain quality

NK1808 (RM 118)
• Strong hybrid choice for highly productive irrigated and dryland systems
• Tall plant type with good stalks for improved standability
• Great plant health and staygreen promotes late-season intactness


• Early product with good stability and yield potential
• Strong drought tolerance for planting on variable soils
• Has above-average stalks and competitive late-season roots plus good midseason brittle stalk resistance

P1317YHR – New
• 113 CRM hybrid with exceptional yield potential
• Excellent test weight, grain quality suited for many food corn markets
• Moderate plant height and lower ear placement with above-average stalk strength

• Widely adapted, high-yielding Optimum Leptra option with yield potential and stability
• Placement flexibility with strong drought tolerance
• Above-average Fusarium and Diplodia ear rot resistance and average gray leaf spot resistance

P1506YHR – New
• A new mid-season option with above-average stalks and roots
• Shorter plant with lower ear placement plus good test weight and excellent grain quality
• Good resistance to northern leaf blight

P1731YHR – New
• This 117 CRM hybrid offers excellent yield potential across environments
• Above-average stalk and root strength coupled with very good grain quality
• Moderate resistance to northern leaf blight and gray leaf spot aid in above-average plant health
• Position in moderate- to high-yield environments within the mid- to late-planting window

• Performs in both irrigated and higheryielding non-irrigated environments
• Shorter plant height, lower ear placement, outstanding stalk strength, strong roots and above-average midseason brittle stalk resistance combine for solid standability
• Offers intermediate resistance to northern leaf blight plus good resistance to Fusarium ear rot

• Exciting Optimum Leptra option with impressive yield potential, yield stability, heat tolerance and very good drought tolerance
• Top-end yield potential allows placement on productive soils in addition to moderate stress-prone soils
• Very early silking for maturity (112 CRM) helps with late drought avoidance management

P2042VYHR – New
• This new 120 CRM hybrid can be placed across most soil types and environments
• Solid standability with strong stalks and above-average roots
• Very good test weight, staygreen and grain quality

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