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New Gramoxone 3SL Formulation

gramoxone labelSyngenta recently received a label for its new formulation of paraquat sold under the trade name Gramoxone 3SL at 3 pounds active ingredient per gallon.

Paraquat is a widely used, restricted-use pesticide in the United States. However, because of misuse of the product and the subsequent poisonings, the Environmental Protection Agency is requiring changes to paraquat-labeled products. Products used in the 2019 cropping season were made and labeled in 2018.

Now, as explained by University of Georgia Extension weed specialist Eric Prostko, many rules regarding the purchase, handling and application of paraquat are changing.

“Most notably, all newly labeled, non-bulk paraquat products must adhere to closed-system packaging requirements set forth by the EPA’s Paraquat Dichloride Human Health Mitigation Decision. Also, all paraquat applicators are required to complete an EPA-approved training module.”

Prostko says that in recent discussions with both Syngenta and AMVAC field personnel, there will still be some of the previously labeled paraquat formulations in the marketplace for 2020, but supplies will be exhausted eventually.

“Growers need to be very aware of the label requirements of the container(s) they have in their possession,” he cautions. “Generally, research results from 2019 field trials with the new Gramoxone 3SL formulation have been positive.”

Product Resources:

To learn more about Gramoxone 3SL, visit http://www.syngenta-us.com/current-label/gramoxone_sl_3.0.

Current bulk handling systems meet the new closed-system packaging requirements. A video of the new closed system for 2.5 gallon containers can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/XNxHq_asxXg.

EPA-approved paraquat training information can be found at https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-worker-safety/paraquat-dichloride-training-certified-applicators.

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