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Farm Bill Highlights

U.S. capitol

Within a day of signing the 2018 Farm Bill, a government shutdown went into effect. Questions swirled as to how the farm legislation would be implemented and when, of course. Once the government opened back up, Farm Service Agencies were behind the eight ball to get producers informed and signed up for programs. By then, producers were starting to make ... Read More »

Positive Signs

Although corn prices are increasing ever so slightly, ag economists forecast that the U.S. corn acreage is likely to decrease again in 2018. With Congress passing the supplemental disaster bill that restores cotton’s eligibility for Title I ARC/PLC programs from the Farm Bill, coupled with the improvement in cotton prices, the decrease in corn and increase in cotton seems all ... Read More »

Need Strong Usage, Export Markets

Amanda Huber, Editor

This was another year of record crop production in corn. But as usual, a big crop means that producers can expect lower prices the next year. That is the message from ag economists across the country, including Clemson agricultural economists Nathan Smith and Scott Mickey. At the recent 2018 Ag Outlook Conference, Smith said, “Prices have dropped because of a ... Read More »

China’s Bold Move

corn hybrids

Whenever a country with 20 percent of the world’s population makes a policy decision, the rest of the world takes notice. Recently, China announced plans to blend 10 percent ethanol into the nation’s fuel supply. According to Mark Welch, Texas A&M Ag Extension economist, this would mean that about 4 billion gallons of ethanol would be needed to achieve the ... Read More »

One Gutsy Extension Agent


Summer gardens here on the farm have rows as long as some of your corn rows, if not longer. Peas from A to Z, (White) Acres to Zippers, are planted and the bounty fills the freezers of many families, including mine. Because of the size of this garden, it tends to be moved around a lot from the edges of ... Read More »

Calm down, Chicken Little

Well, isn’t this an interesting turn of events — that’s what I said to my parents when I stopped by their house the morning after Election Day. Over our respective cups of coffee, we shared stories about election night, what time we’d gone to bed, when we had heard it called, and so on. At my age, I’ve been through ... Read More »

Are You Optimistic?

What goes up, must come down. There’s no two ways about it, and what is coming down now and has been for a while, is farm income. For the fifth quarter in a row, farm income has declined, according to a recently published survey by the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis of agricultural banks, some of which were located in the Mid-South. In 2015, some crops were drowned out, and some acres were never planted at all. The result will be a reliance on crop insurance and a scaling back of spending. “The lower projected farm income will likely reduce loan demand for capital expenditures for both machinery and farmland,” said one Missouri lender about the expected continuing decline in the last quarter this year. Read More »

More Meat in the Dumplings

People are moving from the farm to better-paying jobs in the cities. The tightening of the rural labor market is shifting traditional backyard farming operations into larger-scale systems. Why is this move newsworthy? Because it is happening in China, the largest, most populated country in the world, and it could have very positive effects for the U.S. corn market. Fred ... Read More »

My passion? Southern row crops

You might say that writing about Southern row crops is what I am all about. After growing up on a farm and being really into FFA in high school, I went to college at the University of Florida and majored in Agronomy and Agriculture Communications. What I do combines these two subjects perfectly, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my career choice. Read More »

Texas Extension Economist Comments On Corn Market

Mark Welch is a well-respected Texas AgriLife Extension Economist who publishes the “Feed Grain Market Outlook.” Following are highlights from Jan. 13, 2014: “On Jan. 10, 2014, World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates reported a decrease in corn supply and an increase in use compared to the December report. Feed use increased 100 million bushels, and ending stocks decreased 161 ... Read More »