A Mutually Beneficial Market

Amanda Huber, Editor
Amanda Huber, Editor

To reach producers with news and information, the Texas Corn Producers Association has produced a series of “Corn Conversations.” The fourth installment posted recently to its website is a look at driving demand for corn in the U.S. red meat market.

The conversation was with U.S. Meat Export Federation Vice President for Industrial Relations John Hinners. The USMEF is an international marketing organization driving the demand for U.S. red meat in nine different sectors.

The organization designs marketing and advertising campaigns for U.S corn-fed beef in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Mexico and Taiwan to increase demand of red meat and, by association, of corn.

Hinners highlighted the value of meat exports, the current state of global trade, and the mutually beneficial relationship between meat exports and corn production.

As highlighted by Hinners and Wesley Spurlock, TCPA president, an integral piece of the corn market is the collaboration with USMEF.

Hinners said that although the current state of the market is stable, they are always looking for growth opportunities in other markets to further expand demand.

He noted that exports are a key driving force within many markets — and meats are no exception. A recent study on the value of red meat exports to corn found that in the past five-year growth period, one in every four bushels of corn has been used for U.S. red meat markets. Hinners said USMEF hopes to see rising numbers in the coming months for this market opportunity that provides value to corn farmers.

To hear more of this Corn Conversation or other installments, visit the TCPA website at https://texascorn.org and click the “News” tab.

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